Welcome aboard, summoner

You've just won a 1,337 point boost on your 2020 Alienware Games journey!
Get a head start competing for free RP and a chance to win an Alienware PC

*US & CA Only

How Do I Redeem my code

1. Install the Alienware app

The Alienware app will automatically track in-game events, and award you points for kills, assists, wins and more

2. Redeem your LCS code

Enter your LCS code in the app to redeem your 1,337 points boost. Click the title to view how to redeem.

3. Play to earn points

Play competitive matches in League of Legends to earn points towards your ranking on the leaderboards

4. Win big!

Each week over 600 players will win RP, with 24 winning an Alienware Aurora gaming rig at the end of the event!

*US & CA only. July 17th - September 11th

Let the games begin!

US & CA only, terms apply