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Rank up your Apex Legends experience with the Apex Tracker, a companion app unlocking
in-game team and enemy stats including kills, ranks and endgame player lists!


Know your enemy

Apex Legends Tracker will show you real-time lists of kill leaders, rank scores and statistics for both teammates and enemies.

Know your Teammates

Will you carry or will they? Know your teammates true skills by peeking into their kills, levels and rank scores

Using Apex Legends Tracker in 3 steps

Download Apex Legends Tracker​

Download Apex Legends Tracker

You can get it securely for free
using the button below

Install the App​

Install the App

A short installation will enable Apex
Legends Tracker on your machine

Start Your Match​

Start Your Match

Apex Legends Tracker automatically launches
when your match starts

Rank up your Apex Legends experience

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