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CurseForge character
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Stuff & files you’ll need

Install CurseForge

You’ll need the app to mass-update the new addons you’re installing

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Log in & Download

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Replace "Interface Folder"

Backup your files

On your PC, open “…/World of Warcraft/
_retail” and back up your interface folder.

Delete “Interface”

Delete the “Interface” folder from the“…/World of Warcraft/_retail” folder.


In Gingi’s UI folder, copy-paste his “Interface” folder into your “_retail” folder.

Step image

Replace "SavedVariables" folder

Open WTF Folder

Open the folder in “.../retail/WTF/
Account/your main accont

Delete “SavedVariables”

In “/your main accont” delete all the files in the “SavedVariables” folder.


Copy Gingi’s “SavedVariables” folder files & paste them into your now empty folder.

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