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Minecraft: Dungeons
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What makes Curseforge the best place for Minecraft Dungeons mods?

Why is Curseforge
the home for modding communities?

It’s Fun
CurseForge Is Fun
CurseForge is easy to use and lets you control your experience with mods across all platforms*!
It’s Free
CurseForge Is Free
CurseForge mods are made by the community for the community, and are free to use.
It’s Safe
CurseForge Is Free
CurseForge scans and moderates each mod submitted for viruses or inappropriate content.
* CurseForge mods are compatible with Windows and macOS, with Linux support coming soon
* CurseForge mods are compatible with: Windows, macOS and would soon be available on Linux

How to install a mod for Minecraft Dungeons on CurseForge

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