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We’re building the technology developers need to build apps that make the games they love even more awesome

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Development of gaming apps made easy

We’re building the technology developers need to build apps that make the games they love even more awesome.


Real-time events from games read more


Desktop apps (desktop icon, tray icon & the works)


Installer, auto updates, publishing & full analytics


Facilitate relationships with game publishers


Monetization through ads or subscriptions


Incubation and marketing

$7.2M Fund, together with
Our core values at Overwolf

A pack of gamers, with a passion for creating technology & services for developers. Always open, always neutral, always aligned with the game developers, and always focused on quality

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We’re gamers


Game experience first

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Play fair, play to win

Rock on

We’re on the hunt for quality


Every voice matters


We eat our own dogfood


We support each other

Trusted by your favorite brands

Apps and mods can be amazing and helpful, but also harmful (for example, game cheats are bad). This is why we’ve built Overwolf as a trusted brand for game developers, app developers and gamers.

Game developers know that an app or a mod on Overwolf will always follow their guidelines around what’s cool and what’s not in their games. App and mod developers need to go through an approval process before they can develop or publish on Overwolf. We check that what they are building is legit, and only then publish it.

Finally, gamers know that they’ll never get banned for using an Overwolf app.

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Over $22M Raised

Overwolf is trusted by top investors who share our vision for the future of gaming. We’ve raised capital from Intel, Marker LLC and Liberty Media across two rounds of funding.

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We Invest in Your App
We’re giving away $7,200,000 as development grants to passionate creators building new apps. Whether you’re an established brand or a hobbyist developer – building the perfect app for the game you love has never been easier. Learn more
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