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Superior intelligence is the key to victory

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Instant Rune Swap

During Champ Select Facecheck detects the champion you pick and shows you play styles and tips so you can get ready for action!
One-click push runes, items and spells directly to your client. Playing ARAM? This is a MUST HAVE for you!

Your Team Stats​

Your Team Stats

Switch over to your team to see who are your teammates, their ranks, best champions and winrates.
It’s now so simple and fast to know who’s autofilled and who’s probably a smurf! Ranked players, we gotchu.

Best In-Game Stats

With Facecheck you can easily check how good your lane opponent is and whether he’s not playing his main role. You can also spot the noob, see who cares about vision, and find out whether you should build Armor or Magic Resist.

Best In-Game Stats​
Learn On The Go​

Learn On The Go

Playing ARAM? Learning a new champ?
Facecheck got you covered with all you need to know when playing a new champ. Get abilities description, tips, skill order and recommended builds before the match even starts.

Review and Improve

“Match is over, How can I do better?”
Check your performance and see how you did compare to other players in the same skill tier. CS/Min, Wards placement, Kill participation, KDA and other key metrics analysis will lead you on the road to improvement.
Compare your performances between one champion and another to easily pick the one you’re good at for the next match!

Review And Improve​

Over 100,000 Summoners Are Using Facecheck

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Facecheck currently supports all regions except PBE and Garena
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