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What Summoners Say About Facecheck:

It showed true in-game stats that helped me know what I was up against.​
Matt Davis​
I really like the fact that you can input your runes & build with the push of a button.
Jeoff Wood
The simplicity! I’ve tried using other similar apps but they cant really beat you guys!​
Jessica Williams​

Facecheck is built on the Overwolf platform, which is trusted by Riot & your favorite brands

Quality & Safety Standards

Compliant with Riot’s terms of service and frequently reviewed by game developers, Overwolf apps are safe to use and will not get you banned.

Facecheck is committed to staying up-to-date with current game updates as well as meta trends to ensure you get real value through in-game analytics and recommendations related to game balance.

We would never release products that negatively impact your performance, frame rate or ping. We’re gamers, we would not accept products that hurt our experience while playing either. If you encounter an issue, reach out immediately to our support team.

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Facecheck is built on the Overwolf platform, an Intel invested company

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