Jackpot Rising & Overwolf Present

The Splitgate $5,000 Open Tournament!

Get the Jackpot Rising app and fight players from all over the world to win your share of the $5,000 prize pool. Participating is easy, just install and join the fray!

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Restrictions apply, requires Jackpot Rising and Overwolf.
Jackpot Rising app must be active before launching the game.

$5,000+ for grabs over 4 weeks of competition!

Daily Tournaments

Dominate daily F2P and Paid
Entry contests to win $ payouts!
September 5th - October 6th

Featured Tournaments

Sunday Showdowns will feature
bigger prize pools and packed action!
Every weekend

Over $5,000 in tournament jackpots, all winnings deposited to your Jackpot Rising player account and paid out via Paypal.

Jump Into the Action!

Get top spots in as many games as possible during your daily and weekly challenges!

Step 1
Download Jackpot Rising
Your challenge begins now!
Install Jackpot Rising on Overwolf and create a Jackpot Rising account.
Step 2
Enter Tournaments
Participate in daily and weekly tournaments to rack up kills and victories! You can enter multiple tournaments at the same time to maximize your opportunities to win.
Step 3
Game ON!
Launch the game and just play! We handle everything else in the background. Each tournament has its own scoring and match quotas so be sure to check each tournament’s details.
*Note: You must launch the Jackpot app FIRST, and then the game SECOND for tournaments to work properly.

Join the Jackpot Rising Open Splitgate Tournament!

Don't miss your chance to shine!

Jackpot Rising - Cash in on Your Skills!

Jackpot Rising is a new tournament platform which makes competing for cash easy. Compete by entering into Free to play or Paid Entry tournaments, play the game as you normally would, and win rewards for your success. Jackpot Rising automatically tracks, scores and counts every match towards your rank on the live leaderboard.

Make it into the payout (ex. Top 5) at the end of a tournament and you’re a winner!

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