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Outplayed lets you automatically record your best moments. Clip, edit, and share them - quickly and easily.


Automatically record your gameplay

Outplayed is your perfect “set it and forget it” buddy. It wakes up when you launch your game, and seamlessly records either highlights (in supported games), a full match or the full game session. It’s easy, just like a game recorder for PC

Lightweight, 4K

OBS based and hardware accelerated

With the Outplayed PC game recorder you can capture in HD, in 4K or even the dreaded, mythical 8K resolution. The game screen recorder technology is designed to feel seamless and smooth, never affecting your FPS.


Choose exactly what to show or not show on the timeline

Personalize your gaming recorder timeline - choose which events your timeline shows, select each highlight’s duration, change your custom hotkeys, and even use manual bookmarks.

Screen Recorder

Game’s not supported? Not a problem!

Outplayed is the best screen recorder for gaming, period . So with the help of one hotkey, you can use it to easily capture whatever’s on your screen. Literally everything you see, even if your game is not supported.

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