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Reviewing your videos is a great tool for self improvement...
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Quickly find and review your best moments on the match timeline - review kills, deaths, assist, headshots, epic wins and clutch defeats

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View your APM (Actions Per Minute) at any point during your match. Find out if you’re playing too aggressively or too passively, discover the ultimate pacing for the situation. One of the best tools you’ll find for reviewing your gaming highlights on PC.

Choose your play

Kills? Deaths? Assists?

Utilize filters to ensure you are only seeing events that are relevant to you in order to speed up the review process and keep improving your gameplay.


Save your best clips

Mark selected highlights as your favorites, and easily find each and every one of them later on. View them again, relive your best moments, analyze them to improrve or share them with your friends. Outplayed is THE ultimate review software for gaming.

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