A New Way to Play

Dual-Screen laptops are here, and you can play better with great apps providing real time stats, build recommendations and much more!

Unlock the full potential of your new dual-screen gaming laptop with Overwolf apps, and never Alt+Tab out of a game again!

Checkout these second screen supported apps below!

Facecheck (League of Legends)

Choosing runes? Scoping out your enemies? Need some tips for fighting in the Rift? FaceCheck is here for you, now with second-screen support!

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DotaPlus (Dota 2)

Recruit your personal in-game analyst with DotaPlus, an app that breaks down enemy statistics and reveals weaknesses you can use.

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FortPlayer (Fortnite)

Get live stats on your current match, spot the most dangerous foes and compare yourself with others as well as your past performance.

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CS:GO Stats (CS:GO)

Scout enemy combatants and allies alike and review their performance, K/D ratios, favorite weapons and much more!

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About Overwolf

Our mission is making gaming experiences more awesome. We do that by empowering creators to build great PC game apps that help gamers play smarter and have more fun.

Overwolf has recently launched an investment fund with Intel, dedicated to helping creators build apps and mods. If you’re looking to turn your passion into a profession…

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