Title for the Event (4 words max)

Marketing paragraph to shortly explain about the challenge, the prizes and why should gamers join. This needs to be short, concise and tempting

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“geolocalization”, requires Overwolf, terms apply

Complete the Challenge to Win prize"

Week 1

Date – Date

Week 2

Date – Date

Week 3

Date – Date

How to join the “name” Challenge?

Install the Game Summary app

Get notified about new challenges and special prizes becoming available

Complete The Mission

Short description of the win conditions to the event and how to participate

Show proof of your victory

Short description of how and what to share in order to qualify for the challenge and redeem the reward

Get lucky

After completing the challenge and winning $5 to PayPal, you’ll be in the running for the grand prize giveaway of a $2,500 gaming rig

Some important legal text here

The movie / brand name - Optional Section

Some enticing copywrite about the featured partner.
This needs to be supportive of the brand’s theme and persuasive to help drive the sales of tickets / products to the brand

Final CTA / premiere date

Play Video

Bottom section title

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geolocalization”, requires Overwolf, terms apply


A short description of the partner brand. This must be provided by the brand. Should be no longer than 1 paragraph (up to 6 lines)

Our mission is to make gaming experiences more awesome. We do that by empowering creators to build useful PC game apps that help gamers play smarter and have more fun. Overwolf has recently launched an investment fund with Intel, dedicated to helping developers and creators build apps and mods. If you’re looking to make a living from your passion, Apply now!

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