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Terms apply 18+ Nov. 14 - Jan. 17

How To Get In On The Action

  • Step 1

    Sign Up for CurseForge

    Join the official The Sims 4 Mod Hub as a certified creator using a Twitch account.

  • Step 2

    Publish your best CCs

    Publish your best CAS CC, Build/Catalog CC and Sims on CurseForge.

  • Step 3

    Weekly Raffle

    Each week 50 random creators will win $200 Every week is a new chance to win!

    Please read these terms before submitting.
    Watch Tutorial

Watch tutorial

Welcome CurseForge video

Event Rules & Terms

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Ages 18 and up
to participate

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Max 1 winning per
creator per phase

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No using
Protected IP

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No stealing
others’ creations

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No nudity
or substance use

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Compability with
base game ONLY

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There’s More!

This is just part 1 of our CC Festival! Learn more about how to win more cash prizes as a Builder or just part of the Sims community!