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Now that you own top-notch Logitech G equipment, it is time to make the most out of it with free game apps!

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Fortnite, Apex, PUBG & More
Game Summary
Easily capture, save or share your best moments and coolest plays with Game Summary
Capture Your Best Plays

Game Summary automatically records your kills and other key moves. Watch your clips after the game and save the ones you love!

Show Them What You Got

One click will share your highlights to Discord, Youtube, Twitter, Gfycat and more. Show the world what you can do!

Record in Multiple Games

Game Summary automatically captures your plays in Fortnite, Dota 2, LoL, Apex, PUBG, CS:GO, Rainbow Six and more top games!

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League of Legends
Dominate with draft recommendations, enemy analysis and in-game stats
Prepare for Battle

Choose the right champion and the perfect build to face your foes. Instantly push rune configurations and spell choices to your client!

Play better with tags

With Facecheck Tags you can quickly understand the weaknesses and strengths of foes, allies and even yourself during combat.

Best In-Game Stats

Dig deeper into statistics to understand your opponents. Do they ward? Is this their main? What do they build? Knowledge is power!

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Team Fight Tactics
Enjoy in-game item guides, class synergy recommendations, champion tier lists and more!
Item Guide
One glance item and item combinations table, no alt+tabbing required!
Class Synergy Tips
Plan your composition, mark the next champion you need to buy, and build a winning synergy.
In-Depth Champion Stats
Full champion stats for every level, including damage, armor, magic resist and ability breakdowns.
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Dota 2
Counter enemy champions, view enemy stats and get build recommendations without ever alt+tabbing out!
Ban Suggestions​
Make the most out of your bans and target the enemy team’s most effective heroes!
Hero Suggestions​
Get real-time hero suggestions based on the current meta, enemy counters and team synergy.
Spammer & Smurf Detection​
Never miss a one-trick hero spammer or a smurf – Dotaplus keeps you in the know.
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Rainbow six siege
r6 tracker
Scout your enemies and track your rank progress with the new R6 Tracker by TRN
Track Your Rise to Glory
The R6 Tracker displays your MMR after each round, including how much you’re missing for your next promotion!
Top Dog or Fighting From Behind?
The R6 Tracker calculates your team’s chances, preparing you for the level of foes you’re about to face in combat.
Scout Your Opponents
See enemy MMR, win rate, abandon rate and other useful stats you can use in battle.
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Track your decks, earn custom achievements and get updated whenever new cards are available.
The Binder
Firestone tracks your card collection, points out cards you should consider picking up, and stays updated with new expansions.
Deck Tracker
An In-game list of what’s left in your deck. It also shows where your other cards have gone, including the Graveyard or the Discard pile.
Always wanted achievements in Hearthstone? Wish granted! Prove your strength with short video clips showcasing your performance.

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